St.Thomas Backyard Wedding Photography – Shannon + Chris

September 27, 2012

Shannon and Chris are wicked! They are always having so much fun, they are filled with joy and they act as if they had fallen in love last week! Shannon and Chris compliment each other extremely well. Chris is Shannon’s sexy moral back up while Shannon steals the show making anyone who can hear her laugh till it hurts!
Huge kudos go to this couple for converting their beautiful backyard into the perfect wedding venue! Everything that went into this exquisite backyard wedding was perfectly planned! Way to go Shannon and Chris for making your day so spectacular! I loved being apart of it!



2 responses to “St.Thomas Backyard Wedding Photography – Shannon + Chris”

  1. Sue Wittland says:

    love these picturesLove Mom

  2. Backyard weddings need a lot of work to ensure they are beautiful and gorgeous. The photos are amazing. Congratulations!

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