Train Museum Engagement Photography – Kasia & Matt

November 8, 2012

I am a lucky girl to have Kasia and Matt to photograph 🙂 They are lovely people who’s fun-loving attitude and ability to make each other smile is so wicked to witness! Matt is a smart one! His proposal was amazing and very thorough! Kasia is a teacher (still supplying, cant get a full time job) He proposed at her old Elementary school! Her grade 8 teacher still teaches there, and he asked her to come in for him on June 27th, and thats when it all happened. She was so shocked, she had no idea! They took her to the gym to show me some sort of presentation- there was a rocking chair for her to sit down on and then she watched a powerpoint presentation that Matt (my fiance) had made me.. then at the end, he came out and proposed… WINNER!

One response to “Train Museum Engagement Photography – Kasia & Matt”

  1. Stephanie Austin says:

    OMG Jess! This whole shoot is incredible. Such interesting locations, gorgeous couple (holy her shoes!) and your awesome eye. Beautiful! -Steph Austin

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