Kleinburg Wedding Photography – The Doctor’s House – Katerina & James

March 16, 2015

Katerina and James did a phenomenal job planning their gorgeous wedding at The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg while living all the way out west in BC! Their wedding day was jammed with fun experiences! Getting ready with the girls we watched Bridesmaids while drinking mimosas, laughing and crying and really embracing friendship and love. The intimate ceremony within the small white chapel on The Doctor’s House grounds was every bit as perfect as it sounds! Complete with the ringing of the chapel bells by the bride and groom as they exited 🙂 Portraits were a riot! An excellent soundtrack was provided by the INCREDIBLE Katya Nova… that’s right she was a bridesmaid for Katerina!!!!! We danced, laughed, popped champagne, kissed and hugged! So much friendship and joy throughout the day! The reception is without a doubt one of my favourite party moments!! As a Russian tradition, two men dressed as pirates on Katerina’s side “snatched” her away and brought her shoe back to James. He then had to complete challenges for the return of his new bride. Drinking a glass of vodka, singing Whitney Houston at the top of his lungs… eventually his  beautiful bride returned! I have never seen so many adults dancing all night long!! Traditional and non-traditional dancing was in abundance! With James’s Armenian background we even had some belly dancing!! Speaking of dancing, there was a moment that I know everyone’s eyes were filled with tears. Katerina and James planned a very special moment for Katerina’s parents. Her loving, amazing mom and dad never had the opportunity to have a first dance at their own wedding ceremony so Katerina and James dedicated a special song just for them so they could have their “first dance” together at last… Both bride and groom and parents emotionally wrapped in each other’s love as bride and groom watched their parents have such an incredible, intimate moment together… So perfect. One more awesome moment that I would recommend every bride and groom do… Katya and Rob brought a handcrafted hand painted box from Dominican Republic where they live complete with the Katerina and James’s names and their wedding date. They got both bride and groom to write a love note to each other and put it inside the box along with their favourite bottle of wine. They then proceeded to nail it shut!! It remains shut until a date of their choosing. 10 year anniversary, 1st anniversary, a really bad argument day… hehe I love this idea so much!!!  

I can’t wait to see these two again! xoxo Much love to the both of you!!! 

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