Guelph University – Engagement Photography – Andrea & Paul

April 23, 2015

Andrea and Paul met at Guelph University during their time on staff with the Residence Life Team as Residence Assistants. The University and their time with Residence Life both had huge influences on the two, and it was during their first year on the Residence Lifeteam they started spending more and more time together.  They thought they could just be friends and fought it for as long as possible, but they inevitably became cuddle buddies. After they had started dating, the Arboretum forest  located next on campus served as a scenic retreat for walks and talking. This serves as the backdrop for most of their engagement shoot. Andrea and Paul remember their time in Guelph fondly, as a truly formative time in their lives, and as the common thread that brought them together. – written by Paul and Andrea themselves 🙂

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