Coffee Shop Engagement Shoot – Newmarket ON Photography – Jeff & Winnie

September 1, 2015

Jeff and Winnie’s adorable coffee shop engagement shoot was perfectly suited for them! They love finding unique and interesting coffee shops to spend their time in. Jeff and Winnie love to laugh and joke with one another, they giggle and make faces and are the most fun to be around! I cannot wait for their incredible Chinese wedding on October 10th!!! It is going to be AMAZING!!! Location of shoot: Covernotes: a tea and coffee house – Newmarket ON.

One response to “Coffee Shop Engagement Shoot – Newmarket ON Photography – Jeff & Winnie”

  1. Lachlan Crawford says:

    It’s hard to imagine a set of photos that could capture their beautiful souls, big hearts and silly natures as well as this. A wonderful celebration of love!

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