Downtown Toronto Couples Photography – Katerina + James

February 16, 2016

This is my second time having the luxury of hanging out with these two beauties! Katerina + James came to Toronto from out West to visit some friends. We had planned a shoot for when they came to visit, they wanted the location to be where they used to live! It was a perfect way to capture their memories of when they lived in Toronto together! It was a phenomenal experience for me, I don’t often get to shoot in an ultra urban setting! Utilizing the lines and angles of our surroundings was so fun! Big thank you to Katerina + James for letting me capture these moments 🙂

Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0001 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0002 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0005 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0006 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0003 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0004 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0007 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0010 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0009 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0008 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0011 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0013 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0012 Toronto_Couples_Photography_Katerina+James0014


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